CAEP Accreditation

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

One of Only Two CAEP Accredited Institutions in Colorado

The CAEP Accreditation process is a cycle of continuous improvement and a demonstration that institutions meet the high standards of quality required to improve P-12 student learning.  CAEP Accreditation includes a program and state review process, annual reporting, a self-study process, formative review, and a two- to three-day site visit to review evidence, verify data, and examine pedagogical artifacts (e.g., lesson plans, student work samples, and videos).  The Visitor Team provides a written report to the institution and the Accreditation Council that includes a summary team evaluation of the completeness, quality and strength of evidence for each standard.  The Accreditation Council determines the accreditation status of the educator preparation provider (EPP).