DCHS Admissions


The Department of Counseling and Human Services faculty select a day and evening cohort of students that begin their academic program each year beginning in June. Admission to the program is a selective process with enrollment limited to 48 qualified students (24 students in the day cohort and 24 in the evening cohort). Students are chosen during the spring semester for admission the following summer. Up to nine hours of approved coursework may be completed as an Unclassified Student or as a transfer student prior to admission. Successful completion of Unclassified Student or Transfer Student coursework does not ensure admission to the program. Consult with a faculty member about courses you wish to take as an unclassified student or to transfer, as certain rules apply to these courses. Access our Frequently Asked Questions.


To be considered for admission to the Counseling and Human Services program, prospective students must complete the following procedures:

Licensure Programs
Application Process
Post-Admission Requirements
The Cohort Model
Time Limits & Transfer Credits
Examinations & Other Academic Assessments
What are the Benefits?
What if I am not selected?
Application Deadlines