Youth Nightly Schedule


Youth Nightly Schedule

Time Activity
3:45-4:00pm Arrive
4:00-4:30pm Walk & Talk
4:30-5:30pm Supporting School Success
5:30-6:00pm Dinner
6:00-7:00pm Pro-Social Activities (facilitated by mentor)
7:00-8:00pm Pro-Social Activities (facilitated by mentor)
8:00pm Pick-up/Van leaves campus





We ask that you arrive slightly before or promptly at 4:00pm to greet mentors, sign in and get ready for the evening. For the success of our program it is important that all youth arrive on time

Walk & Talk

Walk & Talk is an activity set up for Mentor Families (groups of four mentor/mentee pairs) to walk around together and familiarize themselves with the college campus. Mentor Families take walks to different parts of UCCS’s campus each week that are meant to familiarize youth with the campus and everything UCCS has to offer.

Once arriving at the destination there are several questions for youth to answer while learning about the opportunities college has to offer. This time is also important for mentors to catch up with their youth about the past week’s events.

Supporting School Success

Supporting School Success provides individualized tutoring for youth with their mentor. Youth are expected to bring homework or GED prep material every night to work on. If youth have no homework, they can work on study skills, goal-setting, career planning, college planning, time management, and how to access education or career resources.



Dinner is provided through partnerships with local food banks and the UCCS dining hall and is served every week free-of-charge for the youth. 

Pro-Social Activities

The remainder of the evening is broken into two, one-hour blocks where mentors and mentees engage in a variety of pro-social activities designed to create community and have fun. These community activities work on developing niches, hobbies, competencies, personal growth and gaining confidence in a skill. A wide-range of activities are offered; including art projects, creative writing, social justice activities, guest speakers and more.


Campus Connections ends at 8:00pm each week so please plan on being on-campus by then to pick up your youth or have another arrangement for them to get home.

Depending on availability and interest, there might also be an option to meet the UCCS van at your youth's school around 8:15/20.