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Linda Button, EdD

Assistant Department Chair and Senior Instructor
Teaching and Learning

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Linda Button brings experience as a classroom teacher, administrator, and higher education instructor to her teaching of methods and curriculum at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Dr. Button began her career as an elementary classroom teacher, and later taught special education and literacy to students in grades K-20, in addition to being a Title I reading teacher. As a district curriculum coordinator and administrator, she helped guide the development of standards, curriculum, and assessment in literacy, and served as a leader to faculty in language arts, social studies, foreign language and music for twenty six schools at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

In 1999 Dr. Button assumed a faculty position at the University of Northern Colorado where she taught literacy methods and graduate classes, was Coordinator of the Elementary Professional Teacher Education Program and later Director of the School of Teacher Education. She received the Outstanding Service Award for the College of Education in 2002. Dr. Button worked with the Colorado Department of Education on the item selection, performance setting and mapping of the state test for reading (CSAP). She was also a member of the grant evaluation team for the Colorado Reading Excellence Act, and was on the Colorado Basic Literacy Act Advisory Board.

Since coming to UCCS in 2007, Dr. Button has taught classes in teacher education and curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels. As a Professional Development School Site Professor, she provided guidance and knowledge to preservice teachers on their journey from being college students to becoming reflective educators

Dr. Button has been active at the state level in the Colorado Council of the International Reading Association. She served as editor of the Colorado Communicator, the online newsletter for the organization, and has been a member of the CCIRA Conference Committee. Dr. Button’s research interest includes literacy assessment, and the integration of literacy, mathematics and science to support learning.


Ed. D.
University of Northern Colorado - 1980

University of Northern Colorado - 1972

Colorado State College - 1968


Students are the most important part of any classroom, The very best teachers possess a wealth of current knowledge, as well as tools, strategies and ideas to engage and instruct students who have a variety of interests and abilities. The best teachers also reflect on their teaching, and continue to grow as a result of being lifelong learners. As a faculty member and teacher, it is a privilege to guide the students at UCCS as they become educators.



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  • College of Education Scholarship Committee


  • UNC Directors’ Council Member
  • Doctoral Committee Member and Research Adviser-UNC- for 21 doctoral students
    1999 -present
  • Honors Program Mentor, UNC
  • Editor of the Colorado Communicator, 
  • Colorado Council of the International Reading Association Conference Committee, 
  • Colorado Council of the International Reading Association Publications  Committee Co-Chair
  • Colorado Basic Literacy Act Advisory Board, Colorado Department of Education, 
  • Colorado Supervisors of Student Teachers, 
  • Colorado Basic Literacy Act Advisory Board,