Substance Use & Recovery Counseling Undergraduate Certificate

Substance Use & Recovery Counseling

Undergraduate Certificate

Course Delivery

On Campus, Online, Hybrid

Total Credits

33 Credits

About the Program


The Substance Use and Recovery Counseling undergraduate certificate program contributes to the mission of the Department of Counseling and Human Services by preparing students to provide culturally- responsive, trauma-informed substance use counseling services.

The curriculum is designed to meet the core curriculum standards set forth by the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health and to help students become certification-eligible.

Focus of Study

Students completing this certificate program engage in the rigorous training and fieldwork experiences necessary to develop the knowledge, skills, awareness, and advocacy competencies necessary for high-quality client care.

  • Principles of addiction treatment
  • Introduction to addiction counseling skills
  • Pharmacology and infectious diseases
  • Introduction to the counseling profession
  • Basic and advanced motivational interviewing
  • Co-occurring disorders and trauma-informed care

Program Requirements

Course content, program length, academic level, admission requirements, and prerequisites for the Substance Abuse and Recovery Counseling course sequence were determined through collaboration with the Office of Behavioral Health Certified Addiction Counselor Clinical Training Program.

Students must complete program-required courses with a passing grade of 70% in each class.

Program Coursework

Course Title Credits
COUN 2400 Ethics I & II 3
COUN 2500 Introduction to Principles of Addiction Treatment 3
COUN 2990 Introduction to Addiction Counseling Skills 3
COUN 3000 Culturally Informed Treatment 3
COUN 3040 Pharmacology I, II & Infectious Diseases 3
COUN 3410 Clinical Assessment and Treatment Planning 3
COUN 3500 Group Dynamics and Group Process 3
COUN 3600 Motivational Interviewing I & II 3
COUN 4830 Co-Occurring Disorders and Trauma-Informed Care 3
COUN 4950 Fieldwork in Human Services II 3
COUN 4960 Clinical Supervision for Addictions Counselors 3

For details on program coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog.

Admission Details

To learn more about admission requirements and the application process, please visit the UCCS Admissions Details page.

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