Initial license in Special Education with or without MA

Initial license in Special Education with or without MA


In this program students will complete the requirements to be recommended for the initial license as Special Education Generalist.

Students in the Special Education Initial Licensure Program are provided the experiences and academic support to learn how to meet the needs of all students with disabilities in the general education classroom. Students will be taught to focus on student strengths in order to support academic and social progress in inclusive environments. Coursework and practicum placements will be linked by assignments. These carefully planned assignments will allow students to practice their skills and develop techniques and materials that will lead to their successful development at teachers.

The initial licensure is a cohort model program that begins each fall. The program requires students to take each class in the semester as indicated on the initial licensure program planning form. Students must commit to completing these courses in sequence.

Students only have the option of taking one course in the summer (SPED 5001) as unclassified students before they start the program.

The initial licensure program requires a significant amount of time spent working in the field. Applicants who anticipate problems in completing the 800 clock hour field experience courses of the program (4 week practicum, 1 day/week field experience, and student teaching) should speak with a faculty member immediately in order to discuss their individual situation.

Graduate Initial Licensure Planning Form

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