Cory Drucker

Cory Drucker

Cory Drucker

SAHE Program

Position & Department:

Resident Director, Housing and Residential Life at Mayville State University

How did the SAHE master's degree program contribute to your success in higher education?

The SAHE master’s degree expanded my knowledge of various departments within higher education.  Learning from text, practical experiences and peers about how people and departments operate differently.  This allowed me to branch out into the world of higher education both departmentally and location.  The program gave me the skills to be a better practitioner giving me the opportunity to better my students, my peers, and myself.  Additionally, having the chance to move up in my department so quickly because of the degree.

Why was the UCCS SAHE program the best choice for your master's degree?

This program was the best choice for me because it is designed to give practical experience in multiple areas.  Having the practicum experience allowed me to work with students in a different capacity than my graduate assistantship.  Additionally, having faculty members that would be classified experts in their field gave a unique and new perspective.  Having the privilege to work with such caring and supportive people making sure I would be successful in the program and my future was the most important aspect for me.