Rachel Garcia

Rachel Garcia

Rachel Garcia

SAHE Program

Position & Department:

University Counselor, Counseling Department at Dulwich International High School Suzhou (China)

How did the SAHE master's degree program contribute to your success in higher education?

The SAHE program provides context on university issues and student development which fits right in to the work I do preparing students to apply to universities. Although I work in a high school, I can use what I learned in the SAHE program to pass on knowledge of different types of universities and the services they offer as well as some of the issues on college campuses that they will probably encounter such as mental health, safety concerns, making friends, peer pressure, etc. My students are almost all Chinese nationals planning to study overseas in Western countries, so learning about how international students fit in to the college life was also helpful. I use the techniques from the "Counseling' SAHE course almost every day.

Why was the UCCS SAHE program the best choice for your master's degree?

I chose the UCCS program because I was moving back home to Colorado temporarily and I knew I wanted to pursue this type of degree. Fortunately for me, UCCS was close to home and had a student affairs program.