College of Education Graduate Program Admissions Checklist




1. Apply
2. Standardized Testing
3. References
4. Transcripts of previous college work
5. Submit a Career Goal Statement
6. Submit a Current Resume
7. Complete a Background Check
8. Complete an Interview

Specific Department Requirements/Descriptions for a
Career Goal Statement

Counseling and Human Services (CMHC and SC only)

Prepare a career goal statement to include a self-evaluation. We are particularly interested in your level of self-awareness, academic potential, personal growth experiences, your interpersonal skills, why you have decided to become a counselor and what you hope to do with your counseling degree. It may be address any volunteer work in the human services field.

Curriculum and Instruction (All programs)

Please describe why you have applied to your respective program and want to be a professional educator. Please be sure to include personal and professional information that supports this decision. Your statement should be at least two pages in length, double spaced.

Leadership, Research and Foundations (All programs)

  1.  What are your reasons for applying to this program?
  2.  What are your professional career goals?
  3.  How does this program align with your goals?
  4.  In what ways have your life experiences, work, and volunteer activities prepared you for work in student affairs?
  5.  What strengths do you believe will ensure your success in this program?
  6.  What do you bring to the program that will benefit your student colleagues?
  7.  What other factors do you believe are important for consideration in evaluating your application?
  8.  What factors might limit your ability to complete this program?

Special Education

In your career goal statement, please share some of your reasons for choosing teaching as a career. Please also tell something of your personal background and your motivation for teaching. Your statement should be 2 – 3 pages in length.

  1. What motivates you toward a career in teaching?
  2. What specific events of experiences in your life have led you to want to become a special education teacher?
  3. Describe your thought process ad you made the decision to apply to this program.
  4. What assets do you bring to the field of special education?